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Use your own data to your advantage

We’ll always be right there to help you know your audience, test different features, and study your campaigns. Data is powerful. The more we have, the more we can optimize your marketing efforts.

Dynamic segmentation

With dynamic segmentation, you can split up your email list into audiences that will love the content you send.

Split, aim & send your campaign
Optimal sending time

Optimal sending time

Based on collected data from your previous campaigns, our machine learning features inside our Smart Delivery will discover the best times to send out your campaigns to your audience, greatly improving your results.



We collect the data – you collect the profits. Starting from the device your customers are using to the links they actually click on, you can utilize smart data to give your users exactly what they want. Let us help you analyze, test and strengthen your campaign.

Instantly pocket more time with automation

Simply try our features for free to see how it fits and feels. Or let us show you.

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